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Welcome to Access5000 LLc. We are a set of professionals specialized in the Real Estate, Bookkeeping and Income Tax Services. We believe in celebrating great moments, we want you to experience the difference in your life, so let us help you reach your goal. Let us help you gain access in our service areas, after all that is what we specialized in, we are the doctors of this industry.
So hurry if you have not started putting your documents together for filing your taxes this year, put some time aside and get started, the clock is ticking and you may run out of time. Don’t procrastinate! Here are a few tips for getting started;

  • Have all your documents together in one place that is medical expenses, charitable contributions records, receipts etc.
  • Track your expenses
  • If you are self employed be sure to keep track of your income as well as your expenses
  • Ensure you keep a record of each tax return
  • File on time even if the deadline is April 2015.
  • Don’t procrastinate come file your return with us


Real Estate

Buying and selling your home? Do you want quick access on gaining a few more dollars on your tax return? Then look no further, tax help for personal taxes and small business is available. We can help you save on your taxes to buy this dream home you have been eyeing on. After all Real Estate is a significant feature of the economy in the United States and this is where Access5000 LLc steps in to assist you in your real estate difficulties. We specialized in property management and we are please to service our clients with both residential and commercial real estate.

We will accommodate your request right through no matter how small it is. Access5000 is your reliable source for when it comes to buying or selling your home, we want you to capitalized on our research and our updates on the marketing environment. Our clients will no doubt gain insight and access to timely and reliable information. Information that is correct and that has been verified by our team, one that will assist you to make a proper and well informed decision.

Bookkeeping Service

Do you always run out of time on a daily basis that you are always behind in your book keeping activities? Are you always losing receipts and important documents to assist you file your taxes? Well we at Access5000 are offering book keeping services for small businesses that will facilitate the smooth and successful functioning of your business. A perfect combination of unique processes and cutting edge technology enabling us to undertake outsourced book keeping activities for all small businesses as well as career oriented or business professionals. We will make life easier so that you can file your taxes with no headaches.
We offer the best services and always remain customer focused. We attribute our business as a;

  • Trustworthy book keeping services
  • Will work with your Financial Advisors as necessary
  • Quick Books Pro Advisor
  • Services offered onsite, off site
  • Affordable pricing
  • Pick up and delivery available
  • Team of experienced and result oriented staff.
  • Great customer service

So come in we are ready to serve you in both the tax, the real estate and book keeping industry, we trust our clients and we will be happy to assist in whatever way we can. Call us today we are standing by!

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